Food for Thought

  • Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a book for anyone who likes to eat tasty food that is easy to make. A book for anyone who cares what they put into their body. A book for anyone who gives a damn about this planet. Be prepared to simplify and improve your attitude to cooking, to food and to the way you live your life.

Alesha Bilbrough-Collins (The Lion) is a chef who has worked across the hospitality industry, including stints for ottolenghi and Ramsay Holdings in London. Returning to New Zealand, Alesha and husband John (The Bear) opened BearLion Foods, which has had various incarnations, and these days operates as a sustainable and organic food, catering and private chef business based in Upper Moutere, Tasman.

Available now with each copy personally signed by Alesha (The Lion). If you would like it dedicated to yourself or someone else, please write who it is to be dedicated to in the 'notes' section upon checkout.

Please note: if you are wanting to order a book for delivery internationally (outside of New Zealand). Please get in touch via our contact page on our website or by emailing: [email protected].